Bet on Anything at BitBet

Bet on Anything at BitBet

BitBet ( is a premier Bitcoin casino website that introduced itself in 2013. Back after some time offline when the original owners auctioned off the site, BitBet came back online in May 2016 ready to roll.

Bet on Anything!

Move beyond the traditional casino floor and Sportsbooks and bet on…well, anything. The most recent bets on included:

  • The outcome of the U.S. Presidential Election
  • The outcome of individual states in the election
  • What party would win control of the Senate
  • The name chosen for an upcoming 2016 tropical storm
  • Magnus Carlsen Wins 2016 World Chess Championship
  • Novak Djokovic to win 2016 Tennis French Open at Roland Garros
  • France to win the UEFA 2016 Euro
  • Patriots or Panthers win Superbowl L

And a lot more, including sports bets, political bets, entertainment (box office betting, Oscars, etc..), and anything in between that can be found under Misc.

New bets include additional political bets on outcomes as well as various stock bets including:

  • Iconomi listed on Bittrex or Poloniex by February 2017
  • ZCash to trade above 5BTC per ZEC on December 1st
  • Bitcoin to set new ATH in 2016
  • 2nd nation to decide to exit EU before Jan 1st
  • British Government to trigger Article 50 in 2016


High Roller Bets

High Roller bets are also available. While most bets can range from point-zero-zero BTC, High Roller Bets like the ones below can run into single to double BTC digits!

  • Bitcoin Block Larger than 1Mb to be mined in 2016
  • Gold to trade above USD 1400 per ounce in 2016
  • Bitcoin to top 1000 USD before January 2017
  • Bitcoin difficulty over 280B before 2017

Depending on what the bet is, you can bet on daily, weekly, monthly, or bets that will close in 2017. The odds for and against each bet are shown by an easy to read red/blue bar at the top of each bet which include:

  • Odds for and against
  • The current BTC amounts being played in the odds

The website itself is very easy to use and is organized nicely. On the left hand side of the window you have regular, lower BTC bets that are currently underway; in the middle, you have the high roller bets; and on the right you have the resolved bets and the results.

Creating a Proposal

One of the most unique and exciting parts of BitBet is that you can propose new bets. You don’t have to, but it is recommended that you also choose a side yourself in the proposal that you create. On BitBet, this is called creating a contract (e.g., proposal).


You simply give your new bet a title, a description of what kind of bet you want to create, fix a resolution date, place the bet into a specific category (ex: Sports, Bitcoin, Politics), choose how many days before the resolution that betting will end, enter your bitcoin address, place a bet weight end-point, the option to make a bet private (you can create a password), the option to place your own bet on the outcome, and you can post it for other BitBet users to see and bet on. The more people, the better the pool.


Browsing Proposals

In addition to creating proposals/contracts, you can browse by keyword search, category, status, and order by date or bet sum, etc… If you are like most gamblers, you have a specific niche you feel comfortable putting down your Bitcoin to bet on, and sifting through random bets you are uninterested can make you miss a good opportunity.


By browsing, you can get a list of current bets going on that are right in your arena, such as in Bitcoin stocks/bets, Politics, Sports, Entertainment, or Miscellaneous.


Range of Betting

The great thing about BitBet is it’s easy to use, easy to create new bets on just about any subject, topic, or current events, and anyone can play.

The range of betting is great and you can bet 0.004s BTC or go High Roller and bet 3 or 4 BTC on the bet of your choosing. Everyone can find a place at and regardless of the amount of Bitcoin in your wallet or betting interests, you can find the excitement you’re looking for.

Conclusion is web-based and does not have a mobile app, but you can still make bets, create bets, check on the status of your bets, and make comments through your mobile or tablet browser.

Screenshot via mobile (Chrome on Android). Credit:

Screenshot via mobile (Chrome on Android, Galaxy Note Edge). Credit:


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