SealsWithClubs (SwC) Bitcoin Poker


SwC is certainly one of the better-known bitcoin websites — and poker is their game.

What is beloved about this site is that they only use bitcoin, it is completely anonymous, and there is no banking. Bitcoin uploads and fash bitcoin cashouts is as simple as it gets. While other bitcoin gambling sites taut that they offer traditional currency, currency exchanges, bitcoin, and other monetary options, SwC prides itself on being a straight bitcoin site that has simple rules so you get get playing and gambling ASAP.


The goal of SwC was to create more of an anonymous, live cardroom feeling for its poker players. Since SwC does not ask for any personal information and doesn’t need any dox, players absolutely feel like they walked into a brick and mortar casino to play poker while remaining nameless.

Bitcoin deposits and bitcoin cash outs is as easy and efficient as it gets.

Right now, SwC is offering all players a 50% rakeback on shorthanded play, right off the bat without needing to wait to earn status.


SealsWithClubs has a great reputation with online gamblers and is loved for its single-game platform and simple bitcoin rules. For poker aficionados who don’t want to mess around with currency exchanges, cash-to-bitcoin deposits, or bitcoin-to-cash cash outs, SwC is a great option.  

All you need to play is a simple PC Desktop Client that you can find at the links below. For returning players: to recover information from your old SwC account, just open this new client upon installation and reset your password. SwC will email you a code and you can recover your old Username and “krill” as they call it.


Click Image for Download Link

This PC Client has a fantastic interface and is an easy to use platform. Once online, you can see how many players are online and how many tables are open. Join anytime and start playing poker!


Try it for yourself!

SwC Poker:

SwC Desktop Client Download Link:





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