Watch Full Movie 12 Strong (2018)

12 Strong (2018)



Watch and Download Full Movie 12 Strong (2018)
Director : Nicolai Fuglsig.
Cast : Chris Hemsworth, Michael Shannon, Michael Peña, Elsa Pataky, Trevante Rhodes, Austin Stowell, Ben O’Toole, Navid Negahban, Jack Kesy, Fahim Fazli, Austin Hébert, Kenny Sheard, Yousuf Azami, Laith Nakli, Taylor Sheridan, William Fichtner, Geoff Stults, Rob Riggle, Yasmine Aker, Kevin Kent, Lauren Myers, Seth Adkins, Allison King, Mustafa Haidari, Martin Palmer, Frank Powers, J. Nathan Simmons, Shawn Lecrone.
Genre : War, Drama, History.
Duration : 1 hours 31 minutes
Synopsis :
Movie ’12 Strong’ was released in January 18, 2018 in genre War. Nicolai Fuglsig was directed this movie and starring by Chris Hemsworth. This movie tell story about A team of CIA agents and special forces head into Afghanistan in the aftermath of the September 11th attacks in an attempt to dismantle the Taliban.
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Watch and Download Movie Acts of Violence (2018)

Acts of Violence (2018)



Streaming Movie Acts of Violence (2018)
Director : Brett Donowho.
Cast : Bruce Willis, Cole Hauser, Shawn Ashmore, Ashton Holmes, Melissa Bolona, Sean Brosnan, Sophia Bush, Mike Epps, Tiffany Brouwer, Jenna B. Kelly, Patrick St. Esprit, Rotimi, Matt Metzler, Boyd Kestner, David Meadows, Stipe Miocic, Tamara Belous, Christopher Rob Bowen.
Genre : Action.
Duration : 1 hours 26 minutes
Synopsis :
Movie ‘Acts of Violence’ was released in January 12, 2018 in genre Action. Brett Donowho was directed this movie and starring by Bruce Willis. This movie tell story about When his fiancee is kidnapped by human traffickers, Roman and his ex-military brothers set out to track her down and save her before it is too late. Along the way, Roman teams up with Avery, a cop investigating human trafficking and fighting the corrupt bureaucracy that has harmful intentions.
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How Well Can You Trust New Bitcoin Casinos? Reputation is Everything

When it comes to online casinos, reputation is everything. In the world of Bitcoin casinos is no exemption — once a new Bitcoin gambling site has opened, it takes some time to establish a reputation of their own before players begin to trust them with their Bitcoin. And for good reason.


There are hundreds of sites that are active or once were, that have been blacklisted over time, as players gambled their Bitcoin and fiat/hard currency only to receive excuses or dodges by the online casinos — basically, the casinos were eager to take their money but didn’t have the funds or desire to pay out. This is always something to look out for when choosing a Bitcoin casino to become a patron of and a good reason to read reviews of casinos before committing. Nobody wants to have a bad experience or lose out on their money from some shifty online gambling site based in Cyprus or Costa Rica or even the U.S. or U.K. Because licensed or not, you won’t be getting your money back if they don’t pay you.

Image result for bitcoin casino scam

So, Can you Trust New Bitcoin Websites?

As with any website that has to do with monetary transactions, Bitcoin casinos and online casinos (traditional), we always recommend keeping an eye on a new site and see how other players have liked it and reviewed their experiences. Read reviews to see if there have been problems, if they have a good reputation so far of paying out to players, and the pros and cons of the site.

If you don’t want to wait a year or so for the site to gain traction and make a reputation, we recommend starting with very small bets. Whether you use BTC or a hard currency, start small and see if you receive your winnings consistently, if the casino honors bonuses and promotions, and make sure you feel that gameplay is fair (finding a provably fair website is ideal).

The internet is a reflection of the world around us. There will be good websites and bad ones. Trustworthy casinos that will eventually earn themselves a great reputation and ones that will try to scam you. It’s a cold, hard truth, but once you are aware of this, you already have taken steps to avoid becoming a victim.

Image result for knowledge is power

Are Online Casinos Regulated, You May Ask?

Currently, most of the internet is unregulated in general and online casinos (especially Bitcoin casinos), are often unregulated. This doesn’t mean that an unregulated Bitcoin casino is untrustworthy — it just means that the country of jurisdiction either does not regulate gambling legally or a server and HQ of a site are in separate countries. It is very difficult to regulate websites because most people don’t know where the servers are. This makes it hard for governments to control.

And in cases such as the U.K., U.S., and other countries that are restricted from gambling online, you won’t find a casino licensed by these governments. Luckily, Bitcoin gambling is not illegal since Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and is in the grey area where no enforcement can be made by the government.


There are highly-respected Bitcoin casinos out there that are not regulated and there are amazing ones that do not have a license (e-gaming) — this is where reputation is important. These are typically casinos that have been around for years and have proven themselves through consistent and fair gameplay, RNG certificates, provably fair technology to ensure fairness, and great customer services and banking experiences with players.

If it is a newer site, it is best if it is regulated so you can have a better chance at the site being legitimate as you try it out.

Provably Fair Trading

Bitcoin uses what is called “Provably Fair Trading,” which is a concept that demonstrates the trustworthiness of online casinos to players. As a player, you definitely wish to ensure that the cards, rolls, slot pulls, numbers, etc… are randomly generated (this is called RNG) and not rigged to benefit the house.


Bitcoin casinos ensure that the house has no edge beyond the game’s natural edge — and some have nearly no edge — that’s a true gambling site. The Blockchain hash is added to gambling results and summarizes what took place before it. This means that in Bitcoin casinos that state they have Provably Fair technology, the player can manually check every card flip, dice roll, or slot pull to make sure it was actually fair.

Basically, Bitcoin ensures transparency if the casino truly means what they say. A hash cannot be tampered with either because of its unique characteristics — this means that online Bitcoin casinos cannot falsify the record.

Image result for bitcoin casino scam

How Long Has Bitcoin Been Around?

It often seems like Bitcoin is both new and has been around a long time — time has a funny way of playing tricks on us. Bitcoin itself has existed since 2008 and its security is based on its Blockchain. The Blockchain stores every financial transaction ever made. What makes Bitcoin so popular is not only its anonymity but this is a cryptocurrency that has no monopoly by any man, nation, or organization.


It is a decentralized structure and this is one of the best attributes of BTC. No single entity controls it, so it is nearly impossible to control or manipulate. Also, it is very transparent (while keeping your identity anonymous) — others can check the Blockchain and ensure that there is no tomfoolery.

Take a look at some of the articles below, which can help to inform you about Bitcoin and Bitcoin casinos (both established and new) and the trustworthiness of these establishments. There are also tips on what to look for in a good Bitcoin casino, what to avoid, and a blacklist of casinos you should steer clear of.


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Facts to Know About Bitcoin Before Gambling at Bitcoin Casinos


If you are new to this site, you have probably seen all of the reviews of different Bitcoin casinos and other online gambling establishments that accept this cryptocurrency. While you may or may not have been aware that there were such things as Bitcoin Casinos, you have most likely heard of Bitcoins themselves.

This article is to inform those making the leap into gambling at Bitcoin Casinos, and let you know a couple of things about this digital currency and using it at Bitcoin Casinos online.

If you have some time to waste, are looking to test your skills, looking to have fun playing games of luck, or want to make a bit (or a lot) of money playing online casino games, you should look into Bitcoin Casinos over that of traditional casinos.

Benefits of online gambling, wagering, and playing games are worth while. You can save a ton of gas money, save driving to another state where you are legally allowed to gamble, you can play online from your own home, you can deposit and cash out conveniently, and you can use the accessible digital currency of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin’s value continue to rise, surpassing the value of Gold even. When you consider the advantages of using Bitcoin and playing at Bitcoin casinos online, it is a no-brainer, especially if you live in countries such as the United States, where gambling is prohibited in nearly all states, including online.

So, here are some things you should know about Bitcoin Casinos:

  • It is legal
  • There are a ton of games to play and bets to wager on
  • It is much faster
  • It is anonymous



Gambling is a great way to entertain yourself — most of us cannot make it to Vegas or Atlantic City and more importantly, don’t want to, in order to gamble. There are casinos in a lot of states beyond the AC and Vegas, though — however, when it comes to gambling, every player wants to make sure they can engage in fair gameplay and do so without getting into trouble.

In the U.S. and other countries where online gambling is often restricted, you can get around this issue via Bitcoin Casinos. Bitcoin is a gray area when it comes to gambling — Bitcoin is not regulated like traditional online currencies and Bitcoin casinos are also not regulated like regular fiat (hard currency) casinos.

This means that players from the U.S., U.K. and other countries that are typically restricted from gambling online, are legally allowed to sign up and gamble using Bitcoin. Furthermore, Bitcoin itself is anonymous — you don’t need to attach a name or bank account to your Bitcoin e-wallet, so you can use this cryptocurrency anonymously at online Bitcoin casinos.

Image result for legal

Huge Range of Games

Bitcoin casinos are known for having a massive amount of games to choose from. The game type with the most variants to choose from is typically slots, but from video poker, table games, live games, card games, dice, specialty games, and other classics, you can get any game you can play in brick and mortar casinos — and then some.

Many Bitcoin Casinos also have sportsbooks or you can sign up at a Sportsbook and Racebook that features casinos games as well. Either way, you can bet on just about anything.

Bingo, blackjack, dice, roulette, craps, baccarat, poker, live games, slots, lottery, and hundreds of variants, you will definitely find a variety of entertainment options at Bitcoin Casinos. Some online casinos are better than others, so be sure to check out our reviews before committing to one.


One of the great aspects of Bitcoin Casinos is the speed of transactions. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that lives in the digital world — through e-wallets, they allow for instantaneous deposits and withdrawals.

You don’t have to worry about waiting for credit card transactions, contacting your physical bank, or working around your bank’s open hours — Bitcoin is 24/7/365 and is always available to be deposited and cashed out immediately. It is safe, anonymous to use, and is rising consistently in value over that of hard currency.

In addition to avoiding banker’s hours, when you do win and wish to withdraw your funds, you can do so much more readily with BTC. credit cards can take 3 to 7 days (sometimes more) to process (depending on the online casino), but Bitcoin is typically instant and at the most would take 12 hours.

Image result for bitcoin fast


When it comes to gambling, it sucks being treated like anything but an adult. One of the more important things to know about Bitcoin cryptocurrency is that you won’t run into any problems using it to gamble.

Some credit reporting agencies and banks who issue you credit cards may downgrade your credit for gambling. They can also flat out deny you the ability to deposit to an online casino if you use your credit or debit card.

Bitcoin is anonymous and doesn’t have to tie back to you at all – there is no personal information, no name, no address, no anything. If you don’t want someone asking you about your gambling habits during your next loan application and wish to separate your regular life and gambling life, Bitcoin is the way to do it.

Image result for bitcoin casinos


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Why Bitcoin Casinos are Better Options than Traditional Online Casinos

Bitcoin casinos and hybrid casinos that accept Bitcoin have become more and more popular over the last 5 to 8 years. The popularity of using crypto currencies like BTC, but also others such as Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ether, etc… made their way into online sportsbooks and casinos with great success.

So, what is it about Bitcoin Casinos that make them a better place to place wagers, gamble, and play your favorite casino games? Well, there is a list of pros and cons below that reflect the reasons most gamblers around the world prefer to use BTC over fiat (or hard) currency.



  • Payout Rates are Better

Online Bitcoin casinos tend to offer higher payouts since their site has fewer costs than regular hard-currency gambling sites. There are no costs needed to obtain gambling licensing, for example.

  • Legal Aspect

Bitcoin (BTC) is not an official currency, so gambling and playing games of hazard is not directly illegal. The U.S. and other countries sometimes have gray areas where Bitcoin gambling is concerned — so, while online gambling is illegal in this jurisdiction, Bitcoin gambling is not and there is virtually a zero percent chance that you will get in trouble — this is mainly due to the next positive aspect most players love about Bitcoin casinos.

  • Anonymous Transactions

The anonymity of Bitcoin casinos are one of the most popular aspects of these cryptocurrency casinos — this is a huge strength that offers players an anonymous option to gamble online and use BTC as currency without having to enter any personal information or banking information.

In addition, a strength of Bitcoin is present in the casino transactions as well. You can deposit and cashout via e-wallets and transfer your BTC easily, instantaneously, and without fees.

Not all Bitcoin casinos are completely anonymous with their signups, so take a look at the registration process in our reviews on this website or when heading to a new Bitcoin casino, take a look to see what information they require upon signup.

Anonymous gambling via Bitcoin is most popular among players from typically-restricted countries like the U.S. and U.K., where gambling with traditional currency online is prohibited. Bitcoin gambling offers a way around this.

Image result for anonymous gambling bitcoin

  • Faster Transactions

Bitcoin transactions occur very quickly, and this is a huge bonus to BTC gambling websites. When depositing and withdrawing your funds, online Bitcoin casinos can get you gambling quicker and cashing out instantaneously. Alternatively, traditional fiat/hard currency gambling sites can take days and days to set your account up with money, and a lot longer to allow you to withdrawal your funds — processing times become tedious in traditional casinos — with Bitcoin casinos, transactions are instant in nearly all cases.

  • No Transaction Fees

Costs for deposits and cashing out are non-existent. Rather than having to pay fees as you typically do with traditional online casinos, Bitcoin casinos use e-wallets to transfer BTC into your account. This process is immediate and you don’t have to wait. It is also safer and since you are not using your debit or credit card, there is no chance that your funding could be rejected because it comes from a gambling site.

  • No Tax Issues

Regardless of where you reside, your government will not and cannot tax you, even if they magically had this information and wanted to. This is because you don’t need to set your real name when opening for a Bitcoin casino account and in many cases, you don’t need a name at all — just an email address. Also, Bitcoin is anonymous and your e-wallet is safe from prying eyes — including the governments.

Most traditional hard-currency online casinos ask for bank account information, personal information, official ID, a copy of credit cards, and even passports. No thanks! Bitcoin can save you from this.



As with anything, there are always potential cons, depending on if these issues matter to you as an online gambler.

  • Lack of Regulation

With Bitcoin casinos, there is less regulation — no one is observing everything that is happening when it comes to any Bitcoin-based business. Since there is less regulation, it is up to you to read unbiased reviews, keep an eye out, and make a decision about an online casino yourself. Take care in choosing the right BTC Casino for you. Only try your luck on reliable, stable, and online casinos that have a good track record of paying out to players. Also check the “Blacklists” which have up-to-date information on casinos to avoid and to watch out for.

Make sure you check before you commit

Make sure you check before you commit

  • No Official Gambling License

Since there is less regulation and just about no standards on Bitcoin gaming, there may be platforms out there that may try to cheat you. This is why it is important to check recent Bitcoin Casino Blacklists, check their reputations online yourself, read reviews, and see what other players’ experiences have been before you play on their platforms and deposit money.


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